Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home without Breaking the Bank

Once you have made the decision to sell your home it is important to start thinking about the way the home ‘shows’.  Remember that the details, no matter how big or small, count.  When buyers tour your home, their emotions and subconscious perceptions will play a large role in the value they see.

First impressions WILL set the tone and affect what buyers notice immediately pulling up to your home.  A little bit of landscaping, especially in the front yard, will go a long way.  Ensure that the front lawn is mowed and the weeds are pulled.  If you have flower beds, spruce them up by adding fresh mulch.  If you don’t have flower beds, add mulch and a couple of pots of colorful flowers.  If you have shrubs, give them a proper trim to look their best.  Don’t forget the fence!  Give it a coat of paint or spray it clean if it is wood.

If the exterior of the house looks a bit dull, rent a power washer and give it a scrub.  Take a look at your window trim.  Do they need a touch-up?  If so, do it.

Don’t neglect the mailbox.  Take a look around it and clean up any flower beds, and if the mailbox itself looks old and worn, replace it.

Will buyers be able to easily identify your house?  Look at the house numbers – if they’re small or dark, replace them with ones that are large enough to see from the street with ease.

The front door can make a big statement.  Consider replacing it or repainting it to give it a fresh look.  Make sure the glass door is clean and if you have a screen, replace it if worn.  Also add a welcome mat to help give an inviting appeal.

Inside the home needs to be clean and decluttered.  Do not overlook the light fixtures.  Dust them and also replace the light bulbs, but make sure to replace it with the same type of bulb.

Do not leave the ceiling fans off of your list.  Dust the fan blades; don’t let potential buyers look up only to see dust bunnies hanging.  Turn on the ceiling fans so buyers can tell how cool the fan will keep the home when it is warm out.

Clean the tops of your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, furnace, water heater, and toilet tanks. Then scrub them to give a new and well-maintained look.

Door-knobs, faucets, drawer and door pulls, and light fixtures can really date a house.  Even if you have an older home, be sure to take a critical look at these things to see if any of them need to be replaced.  When it comes to cabinets, sometimes simply painting them will give an updated look throughout your home, saving you from completely replacing them.

These tips will work regardless of where you live, or how old your home is.  Remember, buyers notice things that most of the time you don’t.  So look at your home from a buyers perspective, then follow these tips to help ensure successful showings every time.

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