Moving – Make it easier on the kids

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Moving – Make it easier on the kids

Have you recently moved to the Joplin area?  Unless you’ve moved to a new home within your current Joplin neighborhood, for children, transitioning to a new home can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Not only are they leaving a home that they love, they’re leaving friends, school, family members who might have lived nearby- everything they’re familiar with.

How can you make this transition easier?

First, create a sense of adventure.  Get them excited about what they’ll find in their new community.  Do a little research and find out about day-trips the family can take.

Next, get them involved in choosing the new home.  Even though they’ll eventually move out as they grow older and have families of their own, listen to their input.

Once you’ve moved, make it a point to get acquainted with others in the neighborhood – especially those who have kids the same age range as yours.  Invite them over so the kids can get acquainted in a welcoming environment.

Find activities that your kids will love to participate in.  This could include organized groups or something simple like going to a park or the pool.

Have them assist in decorating, not just their new room but other areas in the home as well.

Lastly, them vent their feelings.  Telling kids to ‘get used to it’ or ‘get over it’ when they are dealing with missing their old friends and home and family can make the move that much harder.  Instead, let them know that the move is and has been scary for you too.  And that it’s normal for them to feel that way.  However, don’t let them wallow; push them to make an effort and help them learn to love their new community.

Did you follow these tips when you moved with your family?  It was a hard adjustment for my son at first, but he soon got to a place where he no longer mentioned missing home.

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