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Chiquita Lemus | Pro 100 Real Estate Agent | Joplin MO

My interest in real estate started when I was younger.  I wanted to be an architect; to design homes for a living.  I loved to draw and thought I was somewhat good, but maybe not as creative for that field.  I also loved technology, and took quickly to computers.  Originally wanting to major in architecture, I quickly shot down the idea once I realized it was a five-year program.  I decided to major in Information Technology (IT) hoping to earn a minor in real estate, but the two fields did not match well together (at that time).  I went to earn both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Information Technology, never getting the minor in real estate.

Fast forward several years later to 2014 when my family found ourselves relocating to Joplin for my husband’s job.  After a few hiccups with my IT job (being laid off and commuting over an hour to work) I decided to move forward with getting my real estate license and fulfill a career path that had been put off for too long.


Fun facts:

  • I am married to a dentist.
  • I am the youngest of four girls.
  • I was born and raised in the South; Mississippi to be exact.
  • I LOVE sweet tea.
  • I am afraid of heights.
  • My son and I got braces three weeks apart from each other.
  • I was in the Army National Guard for three years.
  • I taught Wednesday night bible class to elementary age kids and absolutely LOVED it.

For any questions you may have give me a call directly at (417) 396-7510, or kindly send an email below by filling out the form on the Contact page here. I will return your message promptly. God bless!

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